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Varn Supreme 8168 Fountain Solution- Gallon

SKU: 3068GB
Varn® Supreme 8168 High-Performance, One-Step Fountain Solution for Sheetfed Presses With a Variety of Dampening Systems Fountain Solution: One-Step Varn® Supreme 8168 is designed with a balance of ink-compatible solvents in a complete one-step package. It’s complex plate-protection and buffering system is effective with both RO and tap water. Supreme 8168’s concentrated formulation combines stability with low dosages. Advantages of Varn® Supreme 8168 • Effective at low dosages • Does not require alcohol substitutes or IPA • Improved ink and water balance with conventional, hybrid and UV inks Features and Benefits - Concentrated formulation is effective as a one-step product at dosages of 3 - 5 OPG Plate-compatible raw materials Provides lower cost than either traditional two-step or competitive one-step products Can be used on either baked or unbaked plates Designed for compatibility with conventional, hybrid and UV inks Designed with ink-friendly raw materials Offers flexibility across the pressroom Offers a wider operating window that performs well with a variety of substrates and presses
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