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A-230 WASH - 5 Gallon

Designed by Experts for Professionals Varn Wash A-230 was carefully formulated with help from Heidelberg and from Bottcher Roller Company. It's formulated to clean modern rubber compounds and will not harm the elastomers or synthetic ingredients used in blanket and roller manufacturing. Up to 25% water may be added to this blanket and roller wash to help simultaneously clean solvent based ink and water based gum glaze, paper dust, lint etc

Absolute 6036

Absolute 6036 is an alcohol substitute designed for use with a quality fountain solution concentrate. It is typically dosed from 2-4 ounces per gallon of mixed fountain solution. Recommend starting at 2 ounces per mixed gallon and increasing in 1/2 ounce per gallon increments until desired print quality is obtained.


The full service plate cleaner - Is just that...complete. Complete plate cleaner is compatible with most plates, cleans and desensitizes the non-image area of the plate, removes minor scratches, and can even be used for plate storage. Complete is low-VOC, and it's cream-like texture and viscosity make it easy to apply.


A Water Fountain Additive To Speed Ink Drying Varn's Ink Drying Stimulator is a special water fountain additive which improves the surface drying of lithographic inks. By speeding surface drying, "ink set-off" is reduced, jobs turn over faster, with less chance of smudging and streaking and there's overall reduction or elimination of the use of spray powder. The use of Ink Drying Stimulator can speed up production schedules, particularly on jobs where ink drying is a problem


Anti-Skinning Aerosol Ink-Readi is a formulation of antioxidants which apply a protective film against ink skinning on rollers, in fountains or in cans. This is a professional product and will not change the color, consistency or drying speed of any offset or letterpress inks - even when trapping ink on the fourth color. Spray on ink rollers and ink fountain when the press is down for make-ready, lunch break and overnight. Spray new rubber to reduce oxidation, as well as roller ends to prevent glaze, friction and cracking. Ink-Readi does not contain wax.