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AR-7500, 5 Gallon

AR-7500 is a high technology alcohol substitute designed to increase the viscosity of water when used in continuous dampening systems. The product does not contain any HAP's and will not damage unbaked CTP plates. When used with Tower fountain solutions, it provides the optimum ink water balance for outstanding press performance.

California U.V. Wash, 5 Gallon

California UV Wash is specially formulated to work with EPDM compounds. California UV Wash does not contain any aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons and has a high flashpoint and mild odor. California Wash is approved for use by Baldwin, Rotodyne and Bottcher and will not harm CTP plates.

ColorKleen, 5 Gallon

Why buy a run-of-the-mill wash when you can have the superior performance and safety features of Colorkleen for the same price? Colorkleen, which has a pleasant, citrus scent, mixes with up to 30% water and has a moderate evaporation rate for great results on any type of press.

CTP Scratch Remover, Quart

Tower CTP Scratch Remover is an advanced formulation of specialty cleaning agents for use on CTP Plates. The product removes ink, glaze, gum and paper dust and leaves the non-image area clean and desensitized. This is an acid based emulsion cleaner that can clean the plate and remove scratches in one application. Approved for use on Kodak, Agfa and Fuji plates.

Low Voc Press Wash 50, 5 Gallon

Formulated to meet the needs of printers who are attempting to reduce VOC's, LO-VO WASH 50 is an easy one-step method of cleaning. LO-VO WASH 50 contains less than 3.5 pounds per gallon of VOC's and can be mixed with water up to 50% to further reduce emissions. The product contains no reportable hazardous ingredients, has a flashpoint over 140 F and has a very mild odor.

Millennium 1000, Gallon

Millennium 1000 is a premium one-step fountain solution that does not require the addition of alcohol or alcohol substitutes to the fountain. It is formulated to run metal plates on all types of dampening systems. The product can effectively replace traditional two step products in most applications at a lower dosage