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Screen Wash

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Albatross G.D.R. Screen Wash - Gallon

* Fast Acting * Non Toxic * Biodegradable * Water Soluble Formula SC100 safety solvent will instantly remove plastisol, vinyl, enamel, UV, lacquer and many other inks. It is ideally suited for use in washout booths and screen cleaning tanks, as well as a direct spray safety solvent. This exceptional product is economically priced, while having the added advantage of being water-dilutable, giving it extended capacity for cleaning.

Easiway EasiSolv 701N, Gallon

EasiSolv™ 701N Screen Wash / Stain Remover is an environmentally approved, 100% active, low odor, extremely quick penetrating and fast acting solvent designed to dissolve and clean virtually all types of screen printable inks, adhesives, clear coatings and stains from printing mesh. Conventional/solvent, UV, electronic, water base and textile inks are quickly dissolved with EasiSolv 701N without the hazards and odors usually associated with aggressive solvents and caustic stain/haze removers. EasiSolv 701N works quickly and causes no damage to printing mesh when used as a stain remover.