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#382 Sprayway Mist-Type Spray Adhesive

*Created for textile screen printers who specialize in T-shirts and similar materials. *Bonds easily to cloth, paper, cardboard, acetate, foil, plastic film, cork, foam rubber, and leather. *Pressure-sensitive formula is repositionable without losing strength. *Will not transfer to fabric or allow shifting during screen printing process.

1 Pair A.W.T. Cast Hinge Clamps

Easy to use hinge clamps constructed from cast steel hold all wood or metal screens from 5/8" to 2" thick. Locking action firmly holds screens in place for positive registration. Allows fast changeover between jobs.


Our shirt boards are constructed from 3/4 inch thick MDF material with white melamine bonded coating on both top and bottom. These platens feature a routed neck pattern for smooth loading and unloading of shirts. They will fit most all manual screen printing presses . Platen brackets can be easily attached to the back of these platens using simple hardware from your local hardware store. It's easy as 1,2,3!

12" X 16" Table Top, 25 shelves

Perfect for smaller jobs and no need to bend down. All models are now Powder Coated. Standard Features: 12" x 16" Table Top Model 25 Shelves

20 x 24 - 83 White Mesh Aluminum Frame

*Can only be ordered in even quantities*


The ECO Frame provides the ability to be well prepared for whatever complexities the consumer demands. Within two minutes you can change mesh counts and move on to your next job. The ECO Frame allows printers to stretch on demand, with no adhesives that can fail in the reclaim process or harm the environment. With the ability to store 18 panels in the space of one frame this dramatically reduces shipping expenses and warehouse space required.

240 - 280 F Temperature Strips TL5-4, Pack of 16 Strips

Temperature test strips can be useful in obtaining approximate temperature readings of textiles and inks during curing and may also be used to check temperature of transfer presses. 16 per pack.

5' Belt Bab's Conveyor Dryer

-Heat Resistant Coated Belts -Independent Belt Tracking Adjustments -1300 Degree Insulation for Maximum Efficiency -All Components are UL Listed -All Steel Construction -Powder Coated Finish -5 Year Limited Warranty -Made in USA The 5' dryer features one 2000W heating element. This dryer will increase production in your shop and is a great solution for smaller shops with limited space. Legs are included.

A.W.T. Solvent & Water Resistant 2" Wide Tape

Tightest holding power with strong, white, solvent and water resistant pressure sensitive tape. Easy to apply to inside and outside of all frames to seal and protect. Cloth-Polyethylene coated. 2" Wide x 60 Yards x 3" core.

Accufast Inkjet Film 8.5" x 11"

100 sheets AccuFast is high quality photopositive film, universally receptive to both dye and pigment ink. Engineered to accommodate the most popular RIPS, AccuFast will accept heavy ink loads, resulting in high density positives and negatives

Albatross Alba/Chem Dri-Web Foam Adhesive

Special purpose adhesive spray designed for use in the upholstery, bedding and furniture industries. The unique webbing spray pattern gives an instant grab while remaining repositionable. Once dry, the foam is bonded to the other surface. Provides a much greater tack than mist adhesive sprays. Dri-Web will not stain or soak through fabrics. -Ideal for all foam bonding applications -Instant grab- repositionable -Clear- Non-staining -Non-chlorinated -Web spray pattern
From $11.66

Albatross alba/Chem Sten-X RFU Stencil Remover

Sten-X Stencil Remover is a "ready for use" emulsion remover. Sten-X quickly breaks down emulsion for fast efficient screen reclamation. Biodegradable and VOC free Sten-X is perfect for printers who do not want to make their own emulsion removers. -Ready to use, regular strength emulsion remover -Has superior wetting prperties -No precipitation of active ingredients

Albatross Citrus Screen Opener

AlbaChem®Citrus Screen Opener instantly unclogs any screen while still on the press. Dissolves most types of ink, fresh and old. It is made for use on photographic stencils or water soluble hand-cut film only. 15 oz. can. Instantly unclogs any screen Use while still on press Works on all types of ink, fresh or old Great for spot clean ups Leaves no film

Albatross G.D.R. Screen Wash - Gallon

* Fast Acting * Non Toxic * Biodegradable * Water Soluble Formula SC100 safety solvent will instantly remove plastisol, vinyl, enamel, UV, lacquer and many other inks. It is ideally suited for use in washout booths and screen cleaning tanks, as well as a direct spray safety solvent. This exceptional product is economically priced, while having the added advantage of being water-dilutable, giving it extended capacity for cleaning.

Albatross SPIF II Spot Remover-GAL

Albatross S.P.I.F. II Spot Remover. One Gallon. S.P.I.F. II is a unique cured ink remover which does not contain any methylene chloride, perchloroethylene or any other chemical requiring a cancer warning. It completely removes all cured ink marks from all types of textiles. Unlike regular S.P.I.F. and other methylene chloride based products, S.P.I.F. II has a high T.L.V. and is not subject to methylene chloride exposure monitoring standards and medical surveillance requirements. S.P.I.F II does not contain any ketones (like acetone or methyl ethyl ketone) and is not considered a flammable liquid. **Must Be Used with a Spot Cleaning Gun. Will NOT work through manual use.**