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Screen Chemicals

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Ulano #2 Microgrit

An inert, abrasive powder that mechanically roughens or abrades nylon and polyester mesh.

Ulano #3 Screen Degreaser Liquid

A degreaser solution that removes dirt, dust and oils from all fabrics, new and used.

Ulano #23 Roughening/Degreasing Gel - Gallon

An abrasive degreaser gel that combines the actions of Ulano #2 and Ulano #3. Gallon (GUG23)

Ulano #25 CDF Mesh Prep - Gallon

A ready-to-use liquid mordant that promotes fabric water retention and, thus, the uniform adhesion of CDF direct-films.

Albatross- Expert Bioprep Screen Degreaser- Gallon

A non-flammable, non-hazardous, low V.O.C. biodegradable degreaser. For use before each stencil preparation.