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RBP Blanket Conditioner- Gallon

SKU: J5115G
Rubber Rejuvenator and Glaze Remover Description: This industry standard is a deep cleaning rubber conditioner and rejuvenator that lifts and removes hardened ink and embedded pigments in one easy step. It creates a velvety clean surface for excellent sheet release and restores blankets and rollers to like-new condition. BLANKET CONDITIONER is also very effective as a glaze remover. Directions for Use: BLANKET: Saturate cloth with BLANKET CONDITIONER and wipe evenly over blanket. Remove excess. ROLLERS: With the press running apply to ink train. Allow the press to run while solution works on rollers. Engage wash up blades. When rollers are clean, press is ready to resume operation. * Also available in 5-gallon Pail
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