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​Can be used on every size and make of offset blankets. Has an improved formula for a faster, efficient rebuffing of blankets. Has the highest quality - rebuffed areas hold up exceptionally well/won't show. Available in a 3 oz. jar, with built in brush..
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AB Dick FPC Finisher/ Preserver/ Cleaner, Quart

Do not use in Automatic Processors For hand-processing of Triton Blue, Matte Blue, Extreme Aqua and Elite Series negative, subtractive plates. Finishes, cleans and preserves metal plates. Also an excellent cleaner for paper or fabric Roller Covers.

Burnishine Thumbs Up Professional Hand Cleaner - 64oz.

Our hand cleaner is formulated to remove even the toughest ink, grease, dirt, and stains. Thumbs Up contains soft polymer scrubbers that won't scratch skin, is solvent free and contains moisturizers to keep hands soft. Thumbs Up is economocial to use and lasts a long time. A little goes a long way! FEATURES/BENEFITS * Quickly and safely removes ink, grease, dirt and stains. * Solvent-free formula contains unique soft polymer scrubbers that won't scratch skin. * Neutral pH; contains moisturizers to keep skin soft. * Rinses clean - leaves no residue on hands, sinks or pipes! * Fresh, clean fragrance. * Long shelf life; will not separate in hot climates