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Padding Presses

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Small Padding Press

Simple operation makes it easy to handle most small padding jobs. Ideal for padding carbonless forms, note pads & scratch pads. Sturdy metal construction. Wing screws tighten by hand, no tools necessary. Padding capacity is 5-3/4" high and 17-3/4" wide. Martin Yale #1811.

Large Padding Press

Now you can own the best padding press available for your shop and spend far less than you would expect to pay. The Jiffy giant padding press provides sturdy, all metal construction. Handy for padding carbonless forms, scratch pads and note pads. Simple sturdy construction. Wing screws tighten by hand, no tools necessary. Tip back to assure that stock is always square. Measures just 19"W x 24"H x 13"D. Holds paper firmly in place while you apply glue.

ChamPADco 11 Inch Padding Press

-Used to glue stacks of paper together -Perfect for note pads or NCR forms -Holds sheets up to 11 inches on the padded side -The ChamPADco Padding Press comes complete with base board, and pressure clamp ** FREE SHIPPING

ChamPADco 14" Padding Press

Complete 14" press that includes an 14" alignment board base and an 14" pressure unit (item number 201-14). **FREE SHIPPING

ChamPADco 22" Padding Press

Complete 22" press that includes an 22" alignment board base and an 22" pressure unit (item number 201-22). ** FREE SHIPPING

Pad About Press

This Amazing press pads up to 10,000 11" wide sheets. There is no need to lift paper stacks with the convenient rotating table. Wheels on the stand allow the unit to be moved easily around the shop to where the job is or be moved out of the way for later use. The stand is constructed with 3/4" white maple, a welded steel frame and quality coasters. Overall Dimensions: 60"H x 28"W x 24"D Shipping Weight: 115 lb. Note: Item is shipped from California. Please contact us for exact shipping costs, otherwise standard rates will apply.