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Miscellaneous Photography Supplies

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Chemical Storage Tanks

Premier extra heavy translucent polyethylene. Graduated in half gallon increments. Complete with fast flow faucet and a cover to prevent contamination. Accessory floating lids optional.

CPM Projection Print Scale

Gives perfect exposure every time. Saves paper and chemistry. Easy to use 4"x5". Eight pie wedges of calibrated, graduated density show the number of seconds after one test exposure.

Film Wiper

Soft non-porous rubber blades 5-3/4" length.

Yankee Film Squeegee

Made of high impact styrene with 4" long and 1" wide cellulose sponge.

Negative Print Files

The negative file archival preservation system offers a complete product line for superior presentation, filing and storage. Binders are black and hold 3 ring sheets. We have all negative file products available!