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Padding Presses

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Blane Super Pad Padding Press

This popular machine pads up to 10,000 sheets at a time. The Superpad Padding Press allows you to load, clamp, and tilt in a matter of minutes. The table is tilted away from you for loading. When the paper is loaded and clamped, remove the pin, rotate the unit 180 degrees, and remove the backboard. The job is then tilted away from you, ready for padding. A clamping mechanism holds paper in place while glue is applied to spine. Holds paper 18" wide and 17" high.

Lassco Ultra II Padding Press

-Adjustable With up to 10,000 Sheet Capacity -Pads up to 18" Wide, 22" High -360 Degree Swivel Base Allows High Production Without Lifting the Load -Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Clamps -Requires Minimal Counter Space -Rugged High Quality Hardwood and Steel Construction -Easy-To-Use... Simply stack the paper and clamp down, swivel the stack to face you, remove the back board and apply padding adhesive. Specifications: -Actual Weight: 35 lbs -Shipping Weight: 4 lbs -Ships Via: UPS

Martin Yale Small Padding Press

Simple operation makes it easy to handle most small padding jobs. Ideal for padding carbonless forms, note pads & scratch pads. Sturdy metal construction. Wing screws tighten by hand, no tools necessary. Padding capacity is 5-3/4" high and 17-3/4" wide. Martin Yale #1811.

Blane Mini Pad Padding Press

Use the Mini Pad Press to pad carbonless forms, note pads, and scratch pads. This machine pads up to 12 ½-inches of paper at a time. The Mini Pad allows you to load, clamp, and glue in a matter of minutes. The lightweight design takes up little space. A clamping mechanism holds paper in place while glue is applied to spine. Once the glue is dry, remove the padded paper and place a new stack in the press. Holds paper 9" wide and 10" high.

ChamPADco 11" Pressure Unit, Free Shipping

Holds up to 11" sheets on padded side. More than one pressure unit may be desired for multiple jobs. Specifically designed for use with your ChamPADco 11" Padding Press

Lassco Wizer W175 Ultra II Padding Press

Adjustable with up to 10,000 sheet capacity Pads up to 18" wide, 22" high 360 degree swivel base allows high production with out lifting the load Heavy-duty cast iron clamps