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Remove paint, grease, adhesive, caulk, lubricant, ink, and other grime without drying out your hands. Order our citrus scented Jobz Hand & Multi-Surface Wipes with aloe and ProVitamin B5 for healing and moisturizing. They’re loaded with more soaps than the major brands to pull more filth off your hands and equipment. Yet they don’t leave a hazy film on your tools or other hard surfaces. Use their coarse side for tough cleaning and their smooth side for gentler tasks.
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Sprayway #957 Instant Screen Opener

*Opens dried-up areas on screens used by screen printers and signs/display personnel. *Compatible with all types of screen printing inks. *Regular use helps to prevent clogging and work delays. *Guaranteed to leave no film. *For use on screens made with photogenic (direct or indirect), stencil or lacquer-proof knife-cut films only.

Premium Plastic Gloves - 100 pack

Durable fluid resistant stretch protects hands. Seamless design for maximum protection.

Burnishine Pro 3 Universal Fountain Solution - Gallon

Scientifically blended, balanced and buffered to make the press operators job easier. Provides superior results with virtually all types of plates and inks Requires no special handling or additives. Performs equally will on all presses and dampening systems.