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Brochure Paper 8.5x11

Sheets: 50 Surface: Glossy Brightness: 98 Weight: 48 lbs

Dye Sublimation Inks MIMAKI JV2, JV4 Series - 440 ml Cartridge

Van Son Dye Sublimation Inks can be printed directly on fabric without the need of heat transfer paper as well on heat transfer paper itself for eventual transfer to fabric. To assure smooth ink flow and eliminate head clogging, the particle size of the dispersion dyes is under 100nm (0.1 um). Van Son dye sublimation inks provide excellent results under a wide range of printing environments (-20°C, 10% - 40°C, 80%) Features and Benefits: -Intense and vibrant color -Long lasting head performance -Enhanced productivity -Strong outdoor durability -Fast drying on transfer paper Printer Compatibility -Epson Stylus 7000/9000/9500 -Mimaki JV2-130/160/180II -Mimaki JV4-130/160/180 -Mutoh Falcon RJ 8000 Series -Roland FP 740/ Cammjet CJ400/500 -Roland Hi-Fi Jet Pro II 540/640/FJ500/FJ600/FJ740 -Mutoh Valuejet 1604/1614 Pro (Aqua) - Available w/o card chip

Eco Solvent Inks ROLAND PRO II SJ/SC/XC, VERSACAM VP&SP Series - 440 ml Cartridge

Van Son Eco Solvent Inks improve printing performance and results through better adhesion and extremely high alcohol resistance. Van Son Eco Solvent Inks are formulated for printing on a wide range of media including standard uncoated, flex, PVC and vinyl. They do not contain any harmful VOC's so there is no need for ventilation. Features and Benefits: -Environmentally friendly - no VOC's -Vivid color with high saturation point -High resistance to alcohol -Excellent adhesion -Durability on a wide range of substrates -Unmatched rub and scratch resistance Printer Compatibility -Roland Pro II/III SJ-540/640/740 EX Series -Roland XC-540/545W, XJ-540/640 -Roland VersaCAMM VP540, SP300/540 Series -Mutoh Rockhopper II/III (w/o card chip) -Mutoh Valuejet 1604/1614 Pro (Aqua)

PowerChrome Pigment Inks EPSON Stylus Pro 4000/7400/7600/9400/9600 - 220 ml Cartridge

Van Son Power Chrome Inks provide increased density to optimize compatibility on various media types and printing applications. These heavy resin coated pigment inks are engineered to deliver incredible print quality and color brilliance equivalent to dye inks. Van Son Power Chrome Inks consist of 8 colors including light black and matte black This technology allows you complete control over color to provide the most realisitic images possible. Features and Benefits: -High Density pigments provide the widest color gamut -Exceptional scratch resistance -Intense pigment and unique resin chemisty -Stable and durable printing results -8 colors including light black and matte black Printer Compatibility -Epson Pro 4000/7400/7600/9400/9600 -Epson Pro 4800/7800/9800/10600 (Bulk only)

Real Solvent Inks MIMAKI - JV3 Series - 440 ml Cartridge

These Inks are specially formulated for Mimaki printers with Epson 10000 Piezo heads and Mimaki JV3, JV33 and JV5 series with the new AMC heads. We guarantee that Van Son real solvent inks are 100% compatible with each Mimaki printer model and provide a wide color gamut, high intensity, ultra fast drying and optimum ink stability. Van Son inks provide you with maximum adhesion on a wide variety of media. They withstand exposure to moisture and direct sunlight making them ideal for all outdoor applications including posters, signage and banners. Features and Benefits: -Strong outdoor durability -Fast drying speed after printing -Long lasting head durability -Wide color gamut -High quality Printer Compatibility -Mimaki JV3-130S/JV3-160S/JV3-250S -Mimaki JV33-130/JV33-160, CJV30-60/100/130/160 -Mimaki JV5-130S/JV5-160S/JV5-320S

Brochure Paper 8.5x11

Sheets: 150 Surface: Glossy Brightness: 93 Weight: 44 lbs