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Allied Ink Repellant, 6-ounce tube - DISCONTINUED - 3 AVAILABLE

SKU: 10102J
Ink Repellant is designed to reduce/eliminate the unwanted accumulation of ink on the impression cylinder. Ink Repellant will help prevent picking and piling problems associated with those heavy coverage 2 sided jobs. For the surface on paper cutter beds it removes all the oxidation that has built up over the years, leaving a slick surface to slide paper over.
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Rubber-based inks dry by being absorbed into the paper. That makes them ideal for the cotton and bamboo blends of paper used in letterpress. Use the oil-based inks if you'd like a glossier ink that works well with coated papers . Oil based inks dry by oxidation or air drying.

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Recommended for use on metal and electrostatic plates. May also be used to coat chrome cylinders or Super Aquamatic dampening rollers to make them more water receptive and ink repellent. pH = 5.7