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Ink Grabbers/ Absorbent Mats

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Ink Eliminator

Ink Eliminator - Absorbs Ink In Recirculation System ------------------------------------------------------------------- Removes Emulsified Ink The Eliminator is a durable nylon-mesh bag filled with ink absorbent material which effectively prevents contamination of the dampening system. Simply place the Eliminator in the circulation tank and it will float on the surface of the fountain solution removing all emulsified ink. Size: 8”x4 1/2”x1” 8 Pads/Box

ABSORBENT MATS, 15 X 19, pkg of 100

Soak up both oil and water-based, non-aggressive liquids Use for routine maintenance and repair work wherever spills, drips, or leaks are likely to occur Socks act as a barrier to prevent the spill from spreading further. They can encircle the affected area creating a containment barrier and restricting the movement of the spilled liquid Spill socks are often designed to be absorbent, helping to soak up and contain the spilled liquid Absorbent pads are typically lightweight and easy to handle, store, and deploy. They can be quickly placed in strategic locations to address spills or leaks as soon as they occur, minimizing the potential for further damage or contamination Overall, absorbent pads are valuable tools for managing spills, maintaining safety, protecting the environment, and ensuring regulatory compliance across various industries and applications