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Heat Transfer Paper For Screen Printing

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AW Hot Split (Trans-55) 12.5" x 12.5" - 500 Sheets

Specialty sized heat transfer paper designed for use on high speed automatic cylinder presses as well as manual and semi-automatic flat bed presses. The special sizing incorporated during the manufacture of the paper provides for excellent ink hold out and promotes extended shelf life for the printed transfer. Benefits: The smooth surface of AW HOT SPLIT allows for a consistent even split of ink close to the surface of the paper when using hot split inks. It also reduces feathering when sublimation inks are used. This feature, combined with the special sizing, provide maximum release and penetration of the ink to the garment without creating a mottled or uneven look. In addition, the paper is manufactured with a highly refined pulp to give the paper excellent dimensional stability and consistent shrinkage necessary for multicolor transfers.

Super Trans 12.5" x 12.5" - 500 Sheets

Coated two-sided high release paper designed for maximum release of hot split or straight plastisol inks. This new development is gaining popularity for applications such as 4 color process screening, combination hot split plastisol and plastisol puff, puff overlay, metallic, glitter, high opaque and straight plastisol. Applications: SUPER TRANS is a high release paper designed for Hot Peel applications for total release of the ink when peeled warm. Can also be used with special polyurethane inks. SUPER TRANS is NOT recommended for litho printed cold peel transfers.