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For mesh counts lower than 110. 1 lb bottle. Ethyl Cyanoacrylates should be tried first for most production applications. They are the least expensive adhesives but produce the most blooming. The are designed to bond a wide range of similar and dissimilar materials: plastics, metals, elastomers, etc.,. They bond both porous and non porous surfaces. They have excellent aging and weathering characteristics. They are single component, room temperature and rapid curing adhesives. These can be rapidly cured with an Activator They are ideal for parts that are clean and ready to be bonded. Viscosities range from water Thin (5cps) to Gel (100,000+cps). These Adhesives will bond various substrates with gaps up to .015″ and fixturing cure speeds from 1 to 25 seconds.

Fast Frame #280 Low Viscocity 16 oz.

Recommended for all frames. The 280 series is excellent for wood, metal and aluminum frames using mesh counts of 260 or higher. MUST USE FRAME FAST ACTIVATOR 304 (FFA300) SPRAY TO SET ADHESIVE


All products included in our glue kits are of the highest industry standards and are made in the U.S.A. Glue kit includes: a one-pound bottle of Cyanoacrylate glue, 16 oz. bottle of activator with a pump spray top, and a spreading tool. This kit comes complete with Technical sheet, MSDS sheet, as well as full instructions on applying the glue.

Liquid Seal Quart w/2 oz. Catalyst

Liquid seal is a flesible and strong adhesive product with multiple applications in your screen making department. Adhere fabric to frames, seal wood frames, blockout screens and eliminate seepage. It's not affected by screen printing solvents and can be used in dip tank applications. Works on wood, aluminum, steel, plastic or any other type of frame.

Small - 100 ft roll

Especially made to fit the grooves of your frame lumber, this cord is uniform to prevent fabric slippage. Hammer in cord flus to wood. Then use stretching tool to push cord deeper into groove for more tension. Available in three diameters to accommodate your screen making needs.