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Fountain Solutions

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Varn Absolute 6036

Absolute 6036 is an alcohol substitute designed for use with a quality fountain solution concentrate. It is typically dosed from 2-4 ounces per gallon of mixed fountain solution. Recommend starting at 2 ounces per mixed gallon and increasing in 1/2 ounce per gallon increments until desired print quality is obtained.


An All Purpose Small Press Fountain Solution Super-Lene desensitizes the nonprint area and keeps it clean without gray backgrounds. In-plant printers can now have big press results over long runs using a wide variety of plates - often without adjusting the fountain solution.


A Heavily Buffered, Environmentally Friendly Gum/Acid Formulation Heavily buffered and designed to run in the 0 ppm through 300 ppm of hardness range - perhaps the most flexible water range in the graphic arts industry. Low VOC and contains no chrome. It stimulates ink drying and aids in reduction of alcohol. Primarily used on metal plates, Total Chrome Free is designed to run on conventional, bareback and alcohol systems.

Varn SUPREME 6038 Fountain Solution

Supreme Fount 6038 is a two-step fountain solution concentrate that is designed to run on CtP aqueous plates. When used with a quality alcohol substitute, it will optimize press performance with faster startups and reduced waste. Advantages of Varn® Supreme Fount 6038 • Excellent buffer performance for stable pH • Eliminates binding on plates • Provides strong desensitizing system • Very low phosphates Sheetfed

Varn Supreme 8168 Fountain Solution- Gallon

Varn® Supreme 8168 High-Performance, One-Step Fountain Solution for Sheetfed Presses With a Variety of Dampening Systems Fountain Solution: One-Step Varn® Supreme 8168 is designed with a balance of ink-compatible solvents in a complete one-step package. It’s complex plate-protection and buffering system is effective with both RO and tap water. Supreme 8168’s concentrated formulation combines stability with low dosages. Advantages of Varn® Supreme 8168 • Effective at low dosages • Does not require alcohol substitutes or IPA • Improved ink and water balance with conventional, hybrid and UV inks Features and Benefits - Concentrated formulation is effective as a one-step product at dosages of 3 - 5 OPG Plate-compatible raw materials Provides lower cost than either traditional two-step or competitive one-step products Can be used on either baked or unbaked plates Designed for compatibility with conventional, hybrid and UV inks Designed with ink-friendly raw materials Offers flexibility across the pressroom Offers a wider operating window that performs well with a variety of substrates and presses