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Foam Pillow, 6 x 8 - 8 AVAILABLE

These foam cushions help provide the necessary pressure and protection to get a great press! Use foam to eliminate the indentation that can sometimes appear from the top platen on pressed materials and allow for easy pressing on small areas of larger garments. Plus, they're easy to cut down to fit specialty-sized substrates! This foam pillow is durable enought to be reused many times! Simply, place foam in between the garment to keep pockets from pressing into the back of the shirt or pants. These are also great with jerseys and preventing marks on transfers and vinyl letters, as well as perfect for use with v-neck or boat-neck shirts, zippers, buttons and thick seams. Practical, easy to use, and saves you both time and money! Available in 5 different sizes and dimensions! You can also use the foam pads as excellent replacements for the foam inside of teflon pillows!
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