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Expert Premium 303 Spot Removing Fluid - Gallon

SKU: 1210
Gallon (1210)
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Gallon (1210)

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#66 Sprayway Adhesive

*For the art studio; print, picture framing, screen print, or signs/display shop; sewing trades personnel, woodworkers, and office and industrial settings. *Prevents paper patterns and stencils from shifting. *Quick or long tack for temporary or permanent bonds. *Non-wrinkling; repositionable; water-resistant. Does not stain.

#957 Instant Screen Opener

*Opens dried-up areas on screens used by screen printers and signs/display personnel. *Compatible with all types of screen printing inks. *Regular use helps to prevent clogging and work delays. *Guaranteed to leave no film. *For use on screens made with photogenic (direct or indirect), stencil or lacquer-proof knife-cut films only.