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Our shirt boards are constructed from 3/4 inch thick MDF material with white melamine bonded coating on both top and bottom. These platens feature a routed neck pattern for smooth loading and unloading of shirts. They will fit most all manual screen printing presses . Platen brackets can be easily attached to the back of these platens using simple hardware from your local hardware store. It's easy as 1,2,3!

12" X 16" Table Top, 25 shelves

Perfect for smaller jobs and no need to bend down. All models are now Powder Coated. Standard Features: 12" x 16" Table Top Model 25 Shelves

5' Belt Bab's Conveyor Dryer

-Heat Resistant Coated Belts -Independent Belt Tracking Adjustments -1300 Degree Insulation for Maximum Efficiency -All Components are UL Listed -All Steel Construction -Powder Coated Finish -5 Year Limited Warranty -Made in USA The 5' dryer features one 2000W heating element. This dryer will increase production in your shop and is a great solution for smaller shops with limited space. Legs are included.


Breaking down a job after production has never been easier. Roll right up to the press with all the tools, screens, and ink on one cart to speed up both set up and break down. The melamine coated table top offers easy wipe down and chemical resistance for quick ink clean up. The cart is equipped with universal screen slots to easily fit both 20 x 24 and 23 x 31 inch frames.

AutoFlash 120V

Call for Pricing!

Bab's Exposure Unit 1620E Free Shipping

This exposure unit is a great compact unit that uses a UV Black Light System for the perfect frequency and minimum exposure time. We also have an exclusive artwork, pin registration that allows you to pre-register your artwork for a faster set-up. This table top unit takes up very little space and stores easily. This unit measures 20"X25"X5" and is only about 43lbs. -Registration Pins for Artwork Alignment -8 Carrier Sheets -16"X20" Image Area -Optically Clear Glass Top, 1/4" Thick with Polished Edges for Safety -Cover Includes Foam to Ensure Close Contact of Film Positive to Glass -Four 15 Watt High Intensity Unfiltered Black Light Fluorescent Bulbs -120V Power Supply -6' UL Listed Power Cord -Powder Coated Finish -5 Year Limited Warranty -Made in U.S.A.

Bab's Flash Dryer 2000 Watt

This is a free standing FLASH dryer equipped with a 2000 watt heating element. This dryer can be used to flash dry your prints or process the final curing of your garments. -Capable of Curing Plastisol Ink -2000W Heating Element -Full 18" x 18" Heat Opening -Stainless Steel Screen Covering Element -Insulated for Maximum Efficiency -Adjustable Height Floor Stand with Swivel Head -Sturdy Base with Wheels for Easy Use -Plugs Into a Standard Wall Outlet -Voltage 120, Amps 17, Breaker Size 20 Amps -6-Ft. UL Listed Power Cord -Powder Coated Finish **5 Year Limited Warranty

Bab's Spot Cleaning Gun

Now every textile shop can have the ability to blow out cured plastisol, mistakes and other spots on garments using a high pressure spray which is adjustable without an air compressor. Gun uses 110V electrical power. This unit is an airless spray gun which provides a powerful spray through its precision adjustable nozzle, allowing the operator to infinately adjust from jet to mist. This makes possible the cleaning of delicates such as silk and satin without the risk of ringing.

C-100 Screen Coater Rack Wall Mount

Dimension: 43" x 12" x 7" Weight:18 lbs Call for Pricing!

Dri-Vault Screen Drying Cabinets

Dry your screens securely in the 10 or 24 screen Dri-Vault. Variable heat and powerful filtered air flow can have your screens ready for exposure, in as little as 20 MINUTES** RELIABLE 3 Year Warranty HEAVY DUTY Industrial stainless steel finned heater(s) CAPACITY Holds ten (10) or twenty four (24) 25" x 36" (63.6 x 91.4 cm) screens of any type POWERFUL One (1) 200 CFM (5.7 CMM) air flow blower or two (2) 290 CFM (14.2 CMM) air flow blowers CONSISTENT Pressurized cabin with positive air flow keeps out contaminants even if an air leak occurs EFFECTIVE Screens sit horizontal on removable shelves (angled to provide edge contact only) SECURE One (1) sealed latching door 10 screen or two (2) individually sealed latching doors on the 24 screen unit CONTROL 10 screen cabinet has Hi-Low heat adjustment OR the 24 screen cabinet has breaker on/off switch, pilot light, digital temperature control, both have ability to run air only or variable heat. FAST Dries emulsion as quickly as 20 minutes** EFFICIENT 4" (10 cm) exhaust duct for contaminated air removal PRECISE Light tight heavy duty double wall EASY Simple to clean or replace filtered air intake Call for Pricing!

Easiway Dip Tank

The newest tank in Easiway's lineup is a 25-gallon, molded dip tank. This new tank incorporates a ribbed design stabilized by two rigid molded pillars with increased durability to eliminate any bowing in-tank sides. Special features include a screen hold down bar to keep screens submerged in the solution while soaking, an in-tank drip ledge to eliminate wasted chemical drag out (not currently seen on any other models in the industry), a sludge catch molded into the bottom of the tank to avoid screens sitting in good and a drain for easy emptying. This tank will hold 2-3 (23" x 31") frames horizontally and (20" x 24") frames vertically for easy to add/removal. Tank Includes: Dip Tank Lid/Cover Threaded Drain Fitting Built-in drip ledge Built-in screen hold down bar Sludge catch molded into the bottom of the tank

Easiway E-32 Washout Booth 32" W x 24" D x 38" High

Easiway Systems offers a flexible component-based solution for the screen reclaiming area. Equipment is designed and built in the USA and manufactured out of white, welded, corrosion-proof polypropylene. Dimensions: 32" W x 24" D x 38" H (Overall Height: 64", Leg Height: 26") Key Features: 1/4" Polypropylene Free-floating screen rack Does not include top No light kit ** PLEASE CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING

Manual, Rear Clamp, Universal - XX = Pallet Width

14" - 21" (36 - 53 cm) Call for Pricing!

Numbering Frame Complete System

This great numbering system works perfectly for sports numbering jobs, the frame template not only allows you to print 1 or 2 numbers, it also enables you to select the proper distance between the numbers! With this system printing numbers has never been easier! Comes complete with a master frame, 11 stretched unexposed screens, a scoop coater, and 2 squeegees. Screen Size 7 x 13 1/2 " *Please call for information on replacement screens*

Registration Jig

Call for Pricing!

Ricoma 4 in 1 Multifunction Heat Press

The RICOMA Multifunction Heat Presses are based on a swing-away design and includes 4 attachments to transfer images onto T-Shirts, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, mugs, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, caps, fabrics and materials. SPECIFICATIONS: -12" x 12" Teflon coated heat platen -Mug attachment for 11 oz. mug size -Plate attachment for plates base of up to 5" -Cap Press attachment - 3.15" x 5.5 -Heat Press Style: Swing Away -Power: 1300W -Temperature range: 0-599 degrees F -Time Range: 0-999s

Screen Drying Rack

Our non adjustable screen rack is perfect for shops of any size. This unit holds 20 screen frames, has rubber wheel casters and will hold both 20 X 24 as well as 23 X 31 screen frames including large diameter roller frames without having to angle them. The non adjustable rack will ship UPS. This unit does ship broken down and minimal assembly is required.

The MAXX™ Cap Heat Press

Decorating caps is effortless with the new MAXX™ Cap Heat Press. With an easy-to-operate clamshell design, the MAXX™ Cap Press has digital time and pressure readouts, as well as a cap hold-down device to prevent graphics from shifting. Additional cap platens can be purchased for heat pressing on a variety of different size caps including low profile, oversize, full and low crowns. Shipping Weight & Dimensions: 40lbs. 26" x 15" x 20" Watts/Amps: 500W/4.5A Features: -Under center pressure adjustment -3/16" (0.5cm) HRPO laser quality steel framework for seamless technology -Auto reset timer and LED readout -Space-saving clamshell design -Floatational heat platen

Utility Cart

High strength Utility Cart can be used as a stand for shop equipment! CAPACITY Holds up to 23" x 31" screens MOBILE Locking casters for easy mobility ADJUSTABLE Configure the shelves how you want them! CONVENIENT Optional side shelves for storing squeegees, ink scoops & small tools (up to 4) LIGHT TIGHT Optional door kit turns cart into storage unit for coated screens. DIMENSIONS 32" x 26" x 32" (99 x 66 x 81cm) INCLUDES: -Locking Casters -5 Inner Shelves OPTIONS -Squeegee side shelves -Additional inner shelves -Door kit -Mounting kits available for many products Call for Pricing!

V-1000 DOUBLE LONG SLEEVE PALLET 4"x19" (10x48 cm)

Printing two sleeves with one stroke increases production.

V-1000 Manual Garment Printer

The V-1000 is the newest Vastex manual garment printer designed to meet the needs of the entry level screen printer. The V-1000 uses the industry's most unique floating head design. Accurate registration can be achieved without the high cost associated with machines of this capacity. V-1000 presses are offered in tabletop and floor standing models from one-station/one-color to 4-stations/6-colors in increments of one station and/or one color. Fully expandable, they allow growing shops to start small and add stations and print heads to boost output or achieve special effects. Optional utility carts for tabletop models are equipped with screen shelves, an ink shelf and locking casters. To complete your entry level shop, consider the new E-1000 exposure unit with a vacuum pump and black UV lights, the F-Flash, 18" sq. flash cure, and the DB-30, 120 volt 30" wide conveyor belt dryer. STANDARD FEATURES: -Steel Pallets w/rubber top -Floating Head, Three Point Bearing Lock Allows Multiple Heads Down -Micro-registration -6 Way Head Leveling -Available up to 4 Table 6 Color -Ships UPS in Multiple Boxes -Accurate multicolor registration -Expandable, from 1x1 to 4x6 -Holds up to 21" x 28" Screens -1 Year Warranty on Manufacturers Defects -High-Strength Rotor Arm Assembly Call for Pricing!