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EF Ultrasoft Super Opaque White- Gallon

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Albatross Dri-Web - Can

Dri-Web sprays in a cob web type pattern which yields a very strong tack. It is the fastest drying web adhesive on the market and will not transfer onto fabrics. A web-style pallet adhesive for screen printing on heavier weight materials i.e. fleece. It is also great for bonding foam to fabric, foam to foam and foam to wood in the upholstery, bedding and furniture industries. (Case of 12 cans)
From $8.99

Albatross Super Flash- Can

Super Flash is a special adhesive that will withstand high temperatures without breaking down. It is great for screen printing where a flash cure is utilized. The heat resistant aerosol mist will not be affected by the flash. This specially formulated product maintains its integrity even under multiple flashes. (case of 12 cans)
From $8.09

ChromaBlue- Gallon

ChromaBlue, for use with plastisol inks, is ideally suited for textile printers using direct emulsions who are seeking faster screen turnaround without sacrificing image quality.