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EF Ultrasoft Navy Blue - Quart

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Ink-off Hand Cleaner - 4.5 lb can

Ink-off the Printer and Pressman's Hand Cleaner is especially formulated to safely remove inks of every type from the hands of the printer. Ink-off does not contain solvents, caustics or other ingredients which may be irritating to the skin. It is completely organic, biodegradable and non-polluting. It rinses off easily with water. Ink-off is far superior to all other waterless hand cleaners.

Chromaline ChromaBlue- Gallon

ChromaBlue, for use with plastisol inks, is ideally suited for textile printers using direct emulsions who are seeking faster screen turnaround without sacrificing image quality.

Franmar BEAN-e-doo - Gallon

REPLACES MINERAL SPIRITS - CHEAPER TOO! A clean air solvent. No dangerous vapors. Biodegradable and non-toxic. Removes tape residue on frame edge. Made naturally from soybeans grown in America.