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EF Polyester Lite Gray, Qt

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#383 Sprayway Fast Tack Web Pallet Adhesive

*Economy-type adhesive for textile screen printers who work with sweatshirts and other heavier materials. *Bonds easily to cloth, paper, cardboard, acetate, foil, plastic film, cork, foam rubber, and leather. *Repositionable without losing strength. *Non-staining; fabric will not shift during screen printing process.

#32 Sprayway FAST OPEN 32S

A convenient and easy-to-use product designed to open dried-up areas on screens caused by water-based inks. Use this product at regular intervals to help prevent clogging and work delays. use on screens made with photographic (direct or indirect), stencil or lacquer proof, knife-cut films. TO USE: It is delivered as a light foam spray. Spray it on the area of dried up ink and then wipe with a dry cloth, sponge or paper towel. It is important to allow 10-20 seconds for the product to dissolve the ink before wiping. More difficult situations may require more time to allow the chemical to work effectively. For more effective results, it can be sprayed on both sides of the image before wiping.

Tac-Top Protective Pallet Tape 18" x 100 Yards

Apply to pallet, then use adhesive web or mist spray as usual. Then remove the Tac-Top leaving a clean pallet and you are ready for your next job. Eliminates need to remove adhesive with solvents.