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Easiway Washout Booths

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Easiflo W-60 Washout Booth

Heavy duty construction of corrosion proof white polypropylene. Back-lit for easy vision in reclaiming and developing. 38"x 52" opening will accommodate oversize frames. Unique frame rack keeps frame out of water. Convenient side mounted on/off switch and spray wand holder. Easy access light for easy bulb replacement from front of booth. Custom sizes are available. Includes outside dimensions of 60" wide and 48" high and 36" deep. Overall height is 76-1/2". Also includes 4 booth legs, sealed light compartment, frame rack, anti-splash rail, pressure wand holder, and tool rack. Price includes crating fee.

Easiflo W-30 & W-36 Polypropylene Washout Booth

The W-36 Washout Booth is back-lit making it ideal for easy viewing during screen reclaming and developing. The W-36 is constructed of white, chemically resistant polypropylene and sports a convenient side mounted on/off switch. Also includes a uniquely designed screen rack, a four inch vent collar, and anti-splash facing. There is a easy access panel for bulb replacement from the front of the booth. The 35” x 30” opening will accommodate most standard frame sizes. Also includes four booth legs, sealed light compartment and frame rack. Constructed of 1/2” and 3/8” white, welded, corrosion proof polypropylene.

Easiflo Screen Cleaning System

This unique, solvent recirculating system will dramatically reduce the amount of chemical used in removing ink from screens. The EasiFlo™ System triple filters (screen filter, sludge baffle, 4-ten micron cartridge filters) the screen cleaning solvent as you wash screens, which provides maximum solvent life. Simply scrape excess ink from the printed screen and then place the screen in the EasiFlo™ Booth. Turn the pump on and wash the residual ink from the screens with the EasiSolv™ screen cleaning products. This system is ideal for both saved and reclaimed screens. Crating $75.00. •Solvent Resistant •Built In Splash Guard •Unique Screen Filter With Sludge Removal •Explosion Proof Motor •Pennies Per Screen! •Easy To Use Flow Thru •Integral 10 Micron Multifilter