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EasiWay 842 Plastisolv Screen Press Wash- Gallon

SKU: 654060
On-press cleaner designed to be used on your production floor to remove plastisol inks for color changes, screen opening, and shop tools. Ink Types: Plastisol, Silicone Use: Designed to be sprayed on and wiped down thoroughly with a shop rag Features: -Multi-purpose on-press cleaner -High Flash Point -Non-Flammable -Can be used in a parts washer -Screen Opener Replacement -Citrus Scent ** This product is meant to be used on your production floor and should not be rinsed clean with water. 1. When you're done printing, scrape excess ink from the screen. 2. Apply EasiSolv 842 by squirt bottle, pneumatic sprayer, or rag to the (well) ink side of the screen. 3. Thoroughly agitate ink with a rag or scrubber, then wipe up all dissolved ink. 4. Reapply if necessary and follow with a dry rag, wipe on both sides of the screen. The screen will be ready for printing or tape application within 20 seconds.
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