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Diazo Emulsions

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Chromaline CP Tex - Gallon

Diazo-based textile emulsion. Extremely durable water resistant emulsion. Affordable. Excellent for demanding belt printing applications yet fully reclaimable.

ImageMate DZ 343

A violet photoemulsion for water-based & plastisol inks. DZ 343 can withstand thousands of prints without the use of chemical hardeners and still reclaim easily. At 48% solids, 200+ micron stencils are easily achieved. DZ 343’s combination of faster exposure speeds, medium viscosity and high durability gives printers even greater versatility and value. Freeze/thaw stable.

ImageMate DZ 307 Blue Diazo - Gallon

Photoemulsion intended for use with plastisol inks only. High-quality, yet economical emulsion reaches exposure speeds of many dual cure systems. Won’t sag in low mesh counts, yet its rheology behavior allows high stencil buildup with minimal coatings. Offers 37% solids with durability to withstand over 40,000 imp, replacing more costly dual cure systems in many applications. Freeze/thaw stable.