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The full service plate cleaner - Is just that...complete. Complete plate cleaner is compatible with most plates, cleans and desensitizes the non-image area of the plate, removes minor scratches, and can even be used for plate storage. Complete is low-VOC, and it's cream-like texture and viscosity make it easy to apply.


Detergent deglazer and calcium eliminator. Removes all three types of glaze in one application.


100% Natural Sudanese Gum Arabic Solution Varn's solution is made from the highest quality selected raw material and is "Microfiltered" to remove even the finest impurities. 100% Pure Gum Arabic 14ยบ Be. flows to a smooth, thin uniform film and offers maximum protection on the plates and may be diluted with water to obtain the proper consistency for a plant's individual requirements. Guaranteed nonsouring for a period of six months or more.

Calcium Eliminator Quart

Removes Calcium Build-up From Rollers and Blankets Varn's Calcium Eliminator answers the problem of eliminating calcium build-up caused by hard water and the increased use of alkaline papers. Calcium build-up, in the form of white glaze, robs rollers of their printability and eventually causes stripping and complete loss of productivity. This calcium glaze is not readily water soluble or solvent soluble and is not removed by conventional glaze removers. Regular use of Varn's calcium eliminator will totally prevent this build-up.


Cleans Film and Prevents Static Cling One quick wipe removes dirt, grease, fingerprints and tape marks from expensive film. Varn's unique "antistatic action" keeps dirt and dust from resettling on the cleaned surface. Varn Film Cleaner is a professional, solvent type product and is completely safe for any film base or emulsion. It dries fast, won't streak or leave a residue, and won't dissolve or remove a water based opaque. Use with lint-free cloth. NOTE: A Hazardous Shipping Fee will be added in addition to shipping charges.

NON-PILING ADDITIVE - Fountain Additive- Gallon

Water Fountain Additive that Reduces Stock Piling and Glaze Buildup Non-Piling Additive is a special water fountain additive used to reduce or eliminate blanket piling or glaze build-up and the transfer of paper coating into the ink train. Field tests have shown it's most effective in web newspaper and commercial web offset, and also in business forms printing when running stocks that have a tendency to pile.