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Martin Yale Manual Ream Cutter

-Cuts a full 19.0" length and 18.5" depth and a stack up to 3.1" thick, which is approximately 800 sheets of 20lb. bond paper -Precise manual back gauge, manual paper clamp that allows for additional stack pressure, a battery-operated cutting line light, and an easy-to-assemble metal stand -Offers standard English and metric rulers for cutting accuracy -Blade to backstop is 18.5" -Auto paper clamp -Steel table with legs that adjust to 1.5" to facilitate leveling -Accurate optical lighted cutting line -Clear cover ensures safety by preventing the blade from lowering when it is in the open position Operates with 2D batteries Easy Assembly Weight: 250lbs (113.4kg)

Trimming Clamps - Set of two

Cut books quickly and safely. Made of solid cast brass, the Clamps safely hold down the folded or stitched side of booklets, pamphlets or catalogs while being trimmed in the paper cutter. This eliminates the common (and dangerous) practice of holding them down manually. * Challenge Style Book Trimming Guide available #5655

Magnetic Lightning Cutter Pads - 2 Pads

The 3" x 15" Lightning Magnetic Cutter Pad is made from a long lasting high density foam rubber which is permanently attached to a magnetic backing. Simply place the pad under the clamp of your cutter. The strong magnet holds the pad tightly in place while the foam surface provides a nice even pressure on stock.

Martin Yale Commercial Stack Cutter 7000E

12" CUTTING LENGTH -Tabletop cutter ideal for photo shops, schools, businesses, and small print shops -Includes all the heavy-duty features needed to cut large stacks of paper -Cuts a stack of paper up to 12" wide and 1 1/2" thick -Safety blade latch prevents cutting until released -Adjustable back gauge -Positive clamp holds stack in place, eliminating shifting and tearing -Heavy-duty wood base -Non-skid feet

Book Trimming Guide Set

Challenge style Book Trimming Guide fits on back finger gauge of cutter. Keps any size booklets flat for trimming.