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Conventional Press Washes

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Tower ColorKleen, 5 Gallon

Why buy a run-of-the-mill wash when you can have the superior performance and safety features of Colorkleen for the same price? Colorkleen, which has a pleasant, citrus scent, mixes with up to 30% water and has a moderate evaporation rate for great results on any type of press.

Tower I.P. Wash, 5 Gallon

I. P. Wash is a versatile low odor water miscible wash that can be used in all automatic wash units, and also as an effective hand wash. It is citrus scented, has a moderate drying speed and terrific cutting power. I. P. Wash can be used full strength or mixed with up to 30% water to quickly remove ink and varnish.

Tower Infinity Wash HMK-1, 5 Gallon

Infinity Wash HMK-1 WM is a FOGRA Approved wash for use in automatic blanket washing systems for the KBA, MAN Roland and Heidelberg range of sheetfed presses. The product complies to the health and safety guidelines for flammability with a flashpoint over 142 degrees F and contains corrosion inhibitors. This product features a low odor and is water miscible.

Tower Pressto 123, 5 Gallon

This wash is perfect for the small press operator who wants deep, fast cleaning WITHOUT the hazards of a flammable or toxic solvent. Pressto! 123 has a high flash point and does not contain any chlorinated solvents.

Tower Star Wash, 5 Gallon

Star Wash was formulated for printers that require solid cleaning power but need a flashpoint over 142 degrees F. This product features a low odor and a water miscible link that creates a thin film emulsion when mixed with water. Star Wash is the perfect product for solvent recovery systems on Heidelberg presses and other spray type cleaning systems.

Tower Tech Wash IF, 5 Gallon

TECH WASH is a highly effective wash that will quickly remove ink and varnish. Because it is water miscible, TECH WASH will also remove gum, glaze, paper, lint and other water soluble compounds. TECH WASH is also an excellent choice for automatic blanket wash systems.

Tower Wash 4550, 5 Gallon

Wash 4550 is an outstanding, low odor water miscible wash that provides a great value for today’s printer. The product features a controlled drying speed and good cutting power. The product has a high flashpoint and is safe on all roller and blanket compounds.

Tower W.O.W -Exempt-WM, 5 Gallon

W.O.W.-Exempt-WM is an economical, non-photochemically reactive blanket wash that can be used on both web and sheetfed presses. The product is formulated to help printers in non-attainment air quality areas to comply with clean air regulations.