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Chromaline Liquid Emulsions

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Chromaline ChromaBlue- Gallon

ChromaBlue, for use with plastisol inks, is ideally suited for textile printers using direct emulsions who are seeking faster screen turnaround without sacrificing image quality.

Chromaline CP Tex - Gallon

Diazo-based textile emulsion. Extremely durable water resistant emulsion. Affordable. Excellent for demanding belt printing applications yet fully reclaimable.

Chromaline MagnaCure UDC-2 BLUE - Gallon

Provides the perfect combination of price and performance. With superior exposure speed and latitude and moderate water resistance, UDC-2 is ideal for printers in nearly every category. Excellent definition and line edge. Blue color offers excellent contrast for easy registration. Highest build-up proud of mesh with low Rz values. Clear or dyed. Water, solvent, UV and plastisol ink resistant. Ideal for all mesh counts. Medium viscosity.

Chromaline CT-R (Red)

New Product! Pure photopolymer direct emulsion designed exclusively for plastisol inks. No mixing. Very fast exposing and fast drying. Superior mesh bridging. Excellent reclaimability. High solids, lower cost per screen.

Chromaline ImageMate DC, Gallon, 1 aVAILABLE

Premium, universal, red dual cure photoemulsion intended for all extreme textile and graphic printing applications. Medium viscosity & an extremely high 46% solids, Yields high stencil buildup with low Rz. It offers superior resolution, wide exposure latitude and outstanding performance.

Chromaline ImageMate DZ 343, Gallon

A violet photoemulsion for water-based & plastisol inks. DZ 343 can withstand thousands of prints without the use of chemical hardeners and still reclaim easily. At 48% solids, 200+ micron stencils are easily achieved. DZ 343’s combination of faster exposure speeds, medium viscosity and high durability gives printers even greater versatility and value. Freeze/thaw stable.