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Block Out Supplies

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Blockout Pen - Red

A fast drying water soluble blockout (5-15 minutes). Recommended for use during screen preparation. Works with all stencil systems. Resists virtually all solvent based, plastisol, and UV inks.

Holdens Blue Block-Out - Gallon

A slow drying blockout that is water soluble, it is to be used when solvent resistance is required. Dries in 20 minutes. Not for use with water based inks. After using the screen, Blue Blockout can be removed with water.

Ulano #10 Extra Heavy Duty Blockout, Select Size

The high viscosity of Extra Heavy Blockout No. 10 affords easier handling, and generally assures effective coverage in a single coating. Especially useful with coarse mesh. Can be used for touchups when thinned with cold water. Can be used in unventilated rooms since it contains no organic solvents. Recommended for use on all mesh, with all stencil systems. Use only with non-aqueous inks.