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Anti-Static Clear Polyester 8.5 x 11 .005 - 100 Sheets

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1103 Water Miscible Wash-Gallon

All-Purpose, Water-Miscible Blanket and Roller Wash Directions: Blankets: Apply Printmaster 1103 to a water-dampened cloth; wipe blanket until ink is removed. For best results, follow with a water-dampened cloth to remove all residual contaminants. Alternately, add 20% to 50% water to Printmaster 1103 wash in a wash-up bottle. Shake well before using. Rollers: Apply Printmaster 1103 directly to rollers, engage wash-up blade, allow ink to run off, and repeat until ink is removed. Finish with a water rinse to remove all residues.

GA-86 Graphic Arts Ruler

2" x 18" opaque ruler printed and laminated on both sides. Inches, picas, color density guide, halftone screen guide & border point sizes on one side. Other side has agates & points, letter point sizes, proofreader's marks & picas to inches conversion.
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16 oz. Wash-Up Bottle

Durable, clear wash bottle has a one-piece cap that prevents leaking and resists most common shop chemicals.