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Aluminum License Plate- 6" x 12" .020" - 35 AVAILABLE

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11 oz. Pink Metallic Mug - 6 AVAILABLE

Pink metallic mugs will add excitement to your mug-making! Images show up brightly against the colorful background and are even more decorative than regular white mugs! Our mugs are compatible with sublimation and can be used for promotional purposes, housewarming gifts, or, simply, as a way to design your own beautiful mug set. For use in a mug press: -Print image in reverse -Idle temperature: 280 F -Pressing temperature: 365 F -Time: 60 seconds -Remove paper immediately after pressing -Hand Wash ONLY For use in a conventional oven: -Print image in reverse -Use mug wrap -Temperature: 400 F -Time: 12-15 minutes -Remove paper immediately -Hand Wash ONLY

8" Rim Plate w/Gold Trim - 13 AVAILABLE

**Comes with black plastic display stand**