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Allied Press Control CTP+ Fountain Solution, Gallon

SKU: 10030TD
Press Control CTP+ is designed for use with most all plates. Contains extra lubrication and wetting agents. To ensure performance without causing image degradation, on going chemical resistance tests are done on most brand of plates as they appear in the market. Contains a balanced blend of the appropriate acid salt combination providing a stable pH in all waters with little or no drift. Biocides keep the fount system free of mold, sequestrates counteract the effects of dissolved calcium, corrosion inhibitors protect the printing plate and press equipment, antifoaming agents reduce or remove mechanical and chemical foam. Keeps plate background coated with a thicker water film to ensure stable water settings. • Use as a single step fountain solution and alcohol replacement • For use on all plates (ctp / analog, violet, thermal and polyester) • For use on sheet-fed and web presses • Keeps reverses, screens and halftones sharp • Stays active longer by countering the effects of dissolved calcium Direction For Use: Recommended dosage range - 3 oz. to 6 oz. per gallon. Conductivity per ounce is 150 micromhos. We recommend starting with 5 oz./gallon. Once running, adjust dosage up or down as needed.
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