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ALLIED PC93 Plate Cleaner, Quart

-Lifts and removes ink quickly -Will not cause blinding -Contains mild, spherical abrasives to lift ink -Conditions the non-image area of the plate to accept water -Removes deep scratches, scumming, oxidation and plate sensitivity

UPC (Universal Plate Cleaner), Quart

UPC was developed as a plate cleaner/ desensitizer, heavy duty scratch remover, and short-term storage gum that would perform on the many types of plates available. To ensure maximum performance, each raw material in the product has been thoroughly tested on the world's most widely used brand-name plates. Using a blend of mild active solvents, UPC quickly lifts and removes inks. It contains a unique blend of acids to ensure fast and complete desensitization and dissolves and removes any calcium that has attached to the plate image. UPC contains materials that help attract ink to the image ensuring fast start-ups, even after storage. UPC's deep violet color helps the user clearly see where UPC has been applied during cleaning or when applying to plates for storage.

Allied Vanish Extra Strength Scratch Remover

Vanish Extra strength is an alkaline creamy emulsion scratch remover and plate cleaner. Vanish Extra Strength will remove ink fast and condition the non-image area to stay water receptive. Removes deep scratches for the long term. Can be used by hand or with trigger sprayer to clean plates on the run.

Allied Roller Lube, 2 LB

-Extends roller life -Prevents friction build-heat build up -Conditions the rollers as it protects -To remove simply wash off with general press wash

Turbo Clean, QT

Turbo Clean lifts and removes wet ink and paper coatings off of the impression cylinder, reducing picking & other issues during longer runs. It even cuts right through older caked up ink and paper coating. Use it to clean up the side frames of inks and coatings and as a general cleaner.

Allied Gum Arabic 14 BE, GAL

-High quality/ Micro filtered -100% Pure -Metal plate protection -Eliminates plate sensitivity