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ALLIED PC93 Plate Cleaner, Quart

-Lifts and removes ink quickly -Will not cause blinding -Contains mild, spherical abrasives to lift ink -Conditions the non-image area of the plate to accept water -Removes deep scratches, scumming, oxidation and plate sensitivity

Allied Universal Plate Cleaner, UPC Quart

UPC was developed as a plate cleaner/ desensitizer, heavy duty scratch remover, and short-term storage gum that would perform on the many types of plates available. To ensure maximum performance, each raw material in the product has been thoroughly tested on the world's most widely used brand-name plates. Using a blend of mild active solvents, UPC quickly lifts and removes inks. It contains a unique blend of acids to ensure fast and complete desensitization and dissolves and removes any calcium that has attached to the plate image. UPC contains materials that help attract ink to the image ensuring fast start-ups, even after storage. UPC's deep violet color helps the user clearly see where UPC has been applied during cleaning or when applying to plates for storage.

Allied Vanish Extra Strength Scratch Remover

Vanish Extra strength is an alkaline creamy emulsion scratch remover and plate cleaner. Vanish Extra Strength will remove ink fast and condition the non-image area to stay water receptive. Removes deep scratches for the long term. Can be used by hand or with trigger sprayer to clean plates on the run.

Allied Roller Lube, 2 LB

-Extends roller life -Prevents friction build-heat build up -Conditions the rollers as it protects -To remove simply wash off with general press wash

Allied Gum Arabic 14 BE, GAL

-High quality/ Micro filtered -100% Pure -Metal plate protection -Eliminates plate sensitivity

Allied PSG Storage Gum, Gallon

PSG Plate Storage Gum is a combination of solvents used to remove ink from the plate: micro-filtered gum arabic to protect and leave the non-image area of the plate water receptive and asphaltum to protect the image area and maintain ink receptivity. Ashplaltum is one of the best ingredients available to guarantee that the image will stay ink receptive and protected.

Allied Hydro Image Plate Cleaner, Quart

An acidic plate cleaner designed for use on the new digital plates. Its unique ingredients renew ink receptivity of the image area while keeping the background desensitized. HYDRO CLEAN™ also cleans and desensitizes scratches in the no image area.

Allied Roller Relief Roller, quart

Extends the life of your paper folder rollers. Facilitates consistently trouble-free paper feeding

Allied Chrome Roller Desensitizer / Roller Cleaner, CRD, Quart

CRD will keep ink from building up on chrome metering and dampening rollers. Using a blend of micro filtered gum and desensitizers is what makes CRD Can effective, long lasting treatment for all dampening / metering rollers. Used on a regular basis CRD will minimize ink build up and maintain a highly water receptive film at the roller surface.

Allied AQ Coating Cleaner, Quart

AQ Coating Cleaner thoroughly cleans water-based coating systems and units. Use it to remove ink from the press framework, floors, and other areas of the pressroom. • Thoroughly cleans water-based coating systems & units • Removes unwanted ink from press framework • Removes old stains from floors • Super concentrated • Easy to use; fast acting • Low VOCs

Allied A-Wash, 5 Gallon


Meter XIII, gallon


Allied All Star Fountain Solution, gallon

Use one concentrated fount where previously high dosage 1 or 2 part founts and alcohol substitutes are used. All Star is an evolution based on Allied’s most industry proven fountain solution and alcohol replacement technology, combined into one concentrate. Many performance-enchancing ingredients have been incorporated into the formula to prevent problems before they can hapen and ensure consistent performance, 100% of the time. The concentration will allow for previous high dosages to be reduced.

Allied Hydro Plus Alcohol Substitute, Gallon

Our original alcohol replacement. Excellent balance of surface tension reduction and viscosity building. It provides an excellent overall balance between the wetting and viscosity needed to successfully replace alcohol and keep water settings at a minimum. Add it to any fountain solution for a total replacement of alcohol. Hydro Plus reduces the surface dynamic tension of water to the 30s. • Low Dosage • Reduces piling • Usable with all fountain solutions • Reduces surface tension to the low 30s • Allows wide latitude of wetting • For use on sheet-fed or web equipment Direction For Use: Recommended dosage range - 2 oz. to 4 oz. per gallon. We recommend starting with 3 oz./gallon. Once running, adjust dosage up or down as needed.

ALLIED Nas Gum Plate Cleaner, quart

NasGum Plate Cleaner, is an easy to use emulsion of solvents, gums and resins. In one step NasGum Plate Cleaner will clean, gum, and apply a protective film to the plate surfaces. Once treated, the plate mat be stored for extended periods of time depending on temperature and relative humidity. Use NasGum Plate Cleaner on CTP, thermal and conventional plates.

Allied Plate Fix, quart

Plate Fix is a super desensitize and scratch remover developed to keep ink from returning to unwanted areas of the plate. It counteracts chemical plate blinding and gum streaks caused by improper gumming, and also removes oxidation and scumming. For best results, test Plate Fix on the plate before use.

Allied Microburst Systems Cleaner, set

Effectively cleans throughout. Hyper active, Microburst detergent bubbles clean, loosen and push contaminates out of return lines, pans and every where else. Penetrates, lifts and neutralizes calcium. Simple flush out and refill application

Allied Ink Repellant, 6-ounce tube

Ink Repellant is designed to reduce/eliminate the unwanted accumulation of ink on the impression cylinder. Ink Repellant will help prevent picking and piling problems associated with those heavy coverage 2 sided jobs. For the surface on paper cutter beds it removes all the oxidation that has built up over the years, leaving a slick surface to slide paper over.