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Albatross- Alba/Chem Bioprep Mesh Preparation Degreaser- Gallon

SKU: 4052
Bioprep degreaser is the final step in the screen reclamation process. Bioprep removes any residual oils and contaminants that may remain on the screen from, inks, emulsions, cleaning agents or even hands. This quick and inexpensive step insures that emulsion will adhere to the screen properly with no weak points or "fish eyes". Proper degreasing now saves time and money on press later. -A non-flammable, non-hazardous, low V.O.C., biodegradable degreaser. -Non abrasive fabric treatment that acts like a wetting agent for use on all synthetic and wire screen mesh. -Provides an even sheeting of water for complete uniform stencil adhesion. -Improves film lamination and bonding of direct photo emulsions. -For use before each stencil preparation.
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