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Blue Etch AB Dick, Gallon Fountain Solution

Recommended for use on metal and electrostatic plates. May also be used to coat chrome cylinders or Super Aquamatic dampening rollers to make them more water receptive and ink repellent. pH = 5.7

AB Dick Fountain Concentrate Light Blue- Gallon

Use where high surface wetting is required. Helps maintain proper ink/ water balance under a wide range of humidity variations. Recommended for use with metal plates, or may be used with electrostatic masters. pH 4.3 - 4.5

AB Dick Proformance Fountain Concentrate

ABDICK PROFORMANCE FOUNTAIN CONCENTRATE ABDICK® FOUNTAIN SOLUTION & ETCH Acid Based Fountain Solution For Use With Metal Plates In Alcohol And Conventional Dampening Systems. Ph 4.3 - 4.5

AB Dick FPC Finisher/ Preserver/ Cleaner

Do not use in Automatic Processors For hand-processing of Triton Blue, Matte Blue, Extreme Aqua and Elite Series negative, subtractive plates. Finishes, cleans and preserves metal plates. Also an excellent cleaner for paper or fabric Roller Covers.