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70-75 Shore A - Yellow 3/8" x 2" with Wood Handle

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Prices are Per Inch

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Scoop Coaters

Easy to use all aluminum scoop coaters. * Easy & comfortable handling * Controllable coating deposit * Uniform coating of emulsions

Chromaline Tex Tac Gallon Size

Water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed for adhering textiles to pallets in the screen printing process. Textac provides consistent registration without transferring to the garment. A single application may hold hundreds of garments before it is necessary to reapply. One gallon of Textac lasts as long as 4 cases of aerosols. Freeze/ thaw stable.

Ulano #44 Stencil Remover Powder - 1 lb

Mix your own stencil remover and save money by not shipping water from Brooklyn. Perfect for dip tanks. Dissolve 2oz in 1 gallon of water. Use with all Ulano Direct-Emulsions, CDF® Direct-Films, and Pulsar indirect film. It is not effective on gelatin films (use Enzyme No. 1). Instructions -Clean ink from stencil. -Brush the liquid onto both sides. -Let stand for no more than 5 minutes. -Do not let any stencil remover dry on the mesh - it will lock the stencil in the mesh. -Rinse off with a mild spray of water to prevent splashing the stencil remover. -Rinse with a strong power water spray if necessary. Health & Safety Information Ulano No. 44 Stencil Remover Powder is a strong oxidant. Contact with combustible or flammable material can cause fire. It can cause skin and eye irritation. Use gloves and goggles. Clean spills immediately. First Aid: In case of contact with the eyes or skin, flush immediately with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation develops, contact a physician.